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Financial Wellness in the Workplace

We believe employees who feel more secure about their personal financial situation are likely to focus more attention on their day-to-day responsibilities — and take on those tasks with greater confidence and increased enthusiasm. Other potential advantages are:

Increased participation in the company retirement plan
Decreased turnover
Increased productivity
Enhance company culture

Financial issues are common in the workplace:

  • 77% of workers are dissatisfied with amount saved.
  • 58% have not tried to calculate how much they need to accumulate for retirement.
  • 37% have not saved for retirement.
  • 43% of employees age 55+ have saved less than $25,000 for retirement.

Source: EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey — “Saving For Retirement in America” — 2006

But that’s only part of the picture. The ability to find and retain talented workers are key points to any employer’s success. Offering a financial wellness program can serve as a major recruiting tool. Financial wellness is not about money; it’s about decision making. That central objective makes the Waddell & Reed Financial Wellness Program. It helps employees with:

 Change Behavior

In an ongoing effort to increase our industry knowledge and bring added value to their clients, Jason, Mary Anne, and Maralynn completed training for Waddell & Reed Financial Wellness Program. If you are interested in learning more about the Waddell & Reed Financial Wellness Program, please email any of us, or call 630-954-4611.