Mary Anne Smrz, CFP® &
Jason Dobrzynski, CFP®, CMFC

Financial Advisors

May, 2014

Our Story

This year marks Mary Anne’s twenty-first year and Jason’s fifteenth year as Waddell & Reed Financial Advisors, the second year we both are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, and the sixth year of our joint financial planning partnership. To celebrate those milestones we’d like to share the story of how it all started.

In the fall of 2007, we attended the Waddell & Reed Regional Conference in St. Louis. Some sessions included presentations from other advisors on ways to work together as a team. We both attended these sessions, and when we got back discussed a partnership as a way to better serve clients.

For the next three months we did due diligence to make sure a partnership was the right fit for our business and, more importantly, for you. We met weekly and worked from a book called, Tested in the Trenches. The book contains five key blueprinting exercises to: identify core values, find meaningful purpose, create a compelling vision for the future, develop personal and professional mission statements and set specific, measurable goals. Upon completing this twelve-week review, we knew we worked well together as partners. This process helped us lay a solid foundation for what has been an exceptional partnership.

In the fall of 2012, we went through the process again with our Advisor Associate, Lorelei Johnson. By taking time to step back, reflect and reevaluate things, we gained fresh perspectives both professionally and personally. We reaffirmed our commitments to each other—and to helping you work to attain financial goals.

We share our story because it is important for you to know how we arrive at our values, purpose and mission statements. We believe what we do and what we stand for makes us unique. When we give financial advice, we always remember these matters are near and dear to you. Fluctuating markets, uncertain economic issues and ever-changing world events will continue to be with us. But what is in our control is clarity of vision for our lives. Identifying what you truly want helps us gain a better understanding of how we can help you make important things happen.

Our annual review meetings and on-going communication with you are critical to this process. If we understand changes in your lives, we can continue to serve in ways that can help fulfill your financial needs and help you move forward on your personal journey. Remember, when your values are clear, the decisions become easier.

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